Outdoourcing Now On Sale!

I’ve started the process of writing expanded versions of the stories on the blog into ebooks.

Outdoourcing is now up for sale in various venues!





For $2.99 you get an edition that contains new scenes, expanded scenes, better editing and flow, and twice as many words as the original, all used to deliver more hyper-evolved jungle demon action, investment drama and good-natured hunting humor. Every purchase helps me keep writing this blog, which I will continue to write entirely for free, for the foreseeable future!

Next up, I plan to work on a completely original ebook-exclusive story called Gorgewings: A Consumerist Horror Story. It will feature the return of our favorite computer peripheral, the Kill-Slate 3G with KOS, aiding a brand new protagonist against a brand new foe in a brand new setting. Watch out for that too once it drops. I also hope to have a bunch of Ladybird stuff made into an ebook at some point, once I have few more stories (like Library completed, the one I’m planning after that, and the Ackley mini stories, as well as a few ebook exclusives). Look forward to that, as well!

Thanks for all your support so far!

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