The Solstice War’s 2nd Anniversary!

On October 7th, 2013, almost on a whim, I published the first, mostly unedited full-length version of Operation Monsoon on the site. Because the response was better than expected I continued to work on it, and have been delivering two chapters a month plus side-content, without fail, for the past two years. While writing the prologue chapter, I thought I would never get a single person outside my immediate friend group to look at my writing — it was too niche and too weird, and yet, perhaps too traditional for the kind of niche, weird people who might otherwise gravitate to it. For “queer art” or “indie fiction” it was just too square; and yet for “mainstream art” or “genre fiction” it was just too unconventional.

Or so I thought. And yet, I was pushed by people I know to give it a swing, so I did.

Over the past two years I’ve done much more than I ever dreamed of doing as I typed out an outline of that fateful first chapter. I’ve got 20 people on my Patreon paying money to support the story, a feat I never thought I would accomplish in my wildest dreams. I’ve got a core group of regular readers who love the story and talk to me about it and talk to others about it. I’ve got a logo and art and even a book cover contributed by some great folks.

I did not even really know what serial fiction was at the time! Now I’m doing it.

It’s been an incredible journey, these past two years. My life has gone through some huge ups and downs. Sometimes I’ve been too depressed to work; but at other times the words have cascaded out of me so powerfully that I almost buckle and cry at the force of it. I have delivered my chapters every month without fail. I’ve met some awesome fans of the story, done a lot of neat research and cooked up some great chapters and arcs with characters I thoroughly enjoy writing and hitting on themes I’ve always been interested in. Now whenever someone asks me what kind of writing I want to do, what I want to see in the world, I have something huge to point toward. I have a weird little body of work here.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me through these years. Thank you for enjoying the story; thank you for criticizing the story; thank you for your support, be it on social media or the patreon; and thank you to the superfans who make life a joy for me everyday.

Here’s to another year of grand strategic adventure in The Solstice War! If you want to celebrate with me, post a comment below, and share your thoughts on the past two years! What brought you into the story? What moments struck a chord with you? What do you want to see more of? I’d love to hear from you today, on this momentous occasion!

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