Down Month

Greetings comrades! Sincere apologies for the silence this month. I have had a pretty severe set of weeks where my mental health simply has not allowed me to write as much as I have wanted to. I had a lot of plans, but have had great difficulties that have rendered me unable to bring them to fruition. Please know that I have no plans to abandon the story. These were extraordinary, unexpected circumstances. The Solstice War will go on.

As you can see, I did deliver the planned Salvatrice chapter for this month. It was a short chapter, and largely pre-written. Next month I hope to return to form in the main story.

I will make up the loss in the coming months: once the Salvatrice story arc is completed in Chapter XX as planned in July, I will release extra chapters of The Solstice War main storyline for the following two months in order to catch us up to where we should be. For Patreon patrons, these extra chapters will be free and available to all Patrons, the way Salvatrice chapters were. After that, we will shift to Apocalypse 2030 side-chapters until I am ready to start the new Side-Story, which will focus on aerial combat over Solstice.

I am very sorry for the down month, and I hope that you understand my position.

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