Status Update

I apologize for the lack of communication.

During the past month I fell into a deep depression and it made it very hard to work. There’s been some big changes in life, and something very painful, personal and dangerous happened to me that I’m not comfortable going into details about. I’m safe right now, but it’s been very hard to get back on the horse and Make Some Content. If you follow me on twitter and tumblr you might see me post and think “well, Madiha looks like she’s doing fine!” But those are my little respites. People who know me more personally know that I’ve been struggling a lot. There’s been times this past month where I have straight up just wanted to give up. Where it felt impossible to continue.

So, I want everyone here to know and understand that I desperately want to be able to continue The Solstice War. To do more creative stuff. To start new projects, to make more podcasts, to play with video, to Do More. Your support has been invaluable to me. I work a rather miserable day job that leaves me with no money to put toward my future, to get some entertainment, or to buy the tools I’ve needed to do my creative works. Heck, it was the money from my Patreon and from books and donations that built the computer I’m using right now and it was that money that fixed this computer when it broke last Sunday.

Y’all and your support have been my future and my hope all this time. Things have gotten dark, and have gotten hard, and I’ve been doing my best to try to recover. I wanted to let you know that. I don’t know when I’ll be able to write my next thing or do my next podcast or make a video or anything right now. I’m trying to get back in, but it’s been hard. It’s harder than it seems. I’m so grateful for your support and I want to ask for your understanding and your patience as well. I’m trying to get out from the dark. Please bear with me.

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