Allied Terminology

The Allies: Political powers opposing Ayvarta are known as “The Allies.” Currently the allies include Nocht, Cissea, Mamlakha, Lubon, Borelia and Hanwa. Neutral countries include Helvetia, Occiden, Higwe and Bakor, but the latter two are largely controlled by Nochtish business interests and sympathize with the Allies. Terminology in this section will focus on the main members of the Allies, including Nocht, Lubon and Hanwa.


Nocht Terminology

Generalplan Suden: Plan for the invasion of Ayvarta. From the independent countries of Cissea and Mamlakha, bordering the SDS on the Ayvartan continent and allied with Nocht, two large thrusts will cut through Ayvarta and arrive at Solstice within 180 days, encircling the city and beheading the SDS. Then, a government led by Empress Mary Trueday that sympathizes with Nocht will be installed and the socialist policies of the SDS dismantled.

Oberkommando Suden: The Military High Command operating on Ayvartan Soil. Under it are the “Task Forces” or Armies. Combat command currently lies in Field Marshal Dietrich Haus, while political command is invested in the Commander In Chief, Achim Lehner.

Schwarzkopf: “Black Heads,” so called for their distinctive black hats. Nocht’s secret police.


Lubon Terminology

Blackshirts: Queen Vittoria’s personal guard and secret police, also known as the Coorte. They are under her direct control, as opposed to her more formal military units. They were first formed during a time of friction with the Knights corps after Vittoria’s coronation, and largely succeeded in reasserting her control. Blackshirts are paramilitary, and the more militarized Blackshirts are organized into Legions of 1000 troops with their own armor and artillery.

Knights: Cavalieri, Lubon’s officers and elite troops. Different from the Fanteria. Unlike regular army soldiers who are exclusively male volunteers and draftees, women are allowed to become Knights through the Royal Induction Program if they pass strict tests. Most Knights serve in the Mechanized (Mechanizzata) and Armored (Corazzata) units — especially the female knights, who tend to be kept from the Cavalier Fucili units.

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