Apocalypse 2030

Apocalypse 2030: The Unsung Solstice War is a collection of side-stories dealing with conflicts outside the scope of the main perspectives and conflicts of the Solstice War. To better understand some of these stories, it is best to read The Solstice War up to the end of the first intermission, particularly “The World Ablaze” and “The Councils Divided.”

A2030-1a: The Exiles, Part One (Bercik)

A2030-1b: The Exiles, Part Two (Bercik)

A2030-2: From The Solstice Archive, Part One (Daksha Kansal)

A2030-3: The Gloom’s Bad News (Zhukova)

A2030-4: The Breakout (Sahil)

A2030-5: Scornful Steel (Marit)

A2030-6: The End of a Chivalrous Era (Dreschner)

A2030-7: “V”: The Loss of Innocence (Cadao)

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