Ayvartan Artillery


M2028 60mm Mortar: Light mortar. Can’t shatter roofs and won’t damage streets.

M2028 82mm Mortar: Medium mortar. Can break some roofs, pockmark streets.

M2030 120mm Mortar: Heavy mortar. Shatters roofs, can create 1-1.5 meter craters.

M2027 45mm Anti-Tank Gun: Can fire both high-explosive and anti-tank rounds, but unfortunately the gun is not designed for anything other than direct fire, so it has a limited elevation and traverse. Battalion asset but still fairly common among troops.

37mm Air Defense Gun: A quick-firing air defense gun, fed with 5-shell clips. It can achieve 60 rounds per minute thanks to its modern feed and cycling system and its 5-shell clips. While Ayvartans lament the small size of the shells in the only automatic gun they’ve been able to successfully implement, the saturation fire can be deadly to low-altitude planes.

57mm Air Defense Gun: One of the main air defense guns for the Ayvartan army. Shares the carriage and feed system of the 85mm gun, but anti-tank and personnel ammunition is not made for it due to its limiting caliber. Useful against targets at most altitudes.

76mm Divisional Gun: Artillery and anti-tank gun. A highly effective tank-buster, but in somewhat short supply aside from border defense stocks. Divisional level asset.

85mm Air Defense Gun: Main high-altitude air defense gun for the Ayvartan army. Can achieve 10 rounds per minute due to its feed and cycling system but it cannot accept clips of its heavy shells, so it is limited in that regard. However it packs a punch against targets at high altitudes, and even against ground targets. Anti-tank rounds and ground-use High Explosive shells made for this gun are common in case it ever finds itself in contact with a powerful enemy.

122mm Howitzer M2028: Main howitzer for the Ayvartan forces. Divisional level asset. It is a modernization of an older howitzer. New features include a longer barrel, an improved breech and chamber for durability, and a slightly improved carriage, also for durability. It outranges and is more powerful than the closest Nochtish equivalent, but has an antiquated firing mechanism that results in little more than 2 or 3 rounds being launched per minute.

152mm Howitzer M025: Heavy howitzer for the Ayvartan forces. Corps asset — however Ayvarta disbanded all of its corps shells, so heavy howitzer batteries were also largely disbanded, and the guns put into storage. When taken out of its warehouse, this Howitzer outranges and overpowers any artillery gun Nocht can bring in, but it is heavy, difficult to fire, and has poor shell cycling, resulting in a slow rate of fire. Barrels overheat quickly as well. It is mounted on a sturdy chassis that has a bizarre pair of tractor tracks it can move on.

203mm Howitzer M2021 Vajra: Super-heavy Howitzer for the Ayvartan forces. Limited production and jealously guarded. Small amounts exist both among KVW divisions and in the reserves of the Territorial army. Also used as a railway gun on armored trains. Absolutely devastating gun that can shake the earth with its heavy shells, and can fire at an enemy from almost 20 kilometers away. No army has a gun to match it. Due to its size this howitzer can only manage one round per minute regardless — but it will be a round to remember.

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