Ayvartan Infantry

Troops Designations

Note: The following foreign-language terms re used interchangeably with English terms like “Rifle infantry,” and “Guards rifles,” in the story. They’re mostly for flavor so each nation has its own unique words for soldiers. In terms of prose, they are not used exclusively.

Shuuja: Old term for warrior heroes, popular among the revolutionaries. Common rifle troops.

Askari: Old term for decorated soldiers. Analogous/Interchangeable to Svechthan “Guards.”

Uvuli: “Shade.” Colloquial word for KVW agents and KVW rifle troops, used by Shuuja.

Msasi: Shock troopers, mountain troops, and general purpose “special forces” troops.

Infantry Weapons

Bundu 7.62x54mm rifle: Ayvarta’s venerable battle rifle. Bolt action. Circa 1996 D.C.E.

Raksha 7.62x25mm SMG: Ayvarta’s main submachine gun. Automatic. Circa 2025.

BKV-28 14.5x114mm gun: Anti-Tank Rifle. 5 round clips, semi-automatic. Circa 2028.

DNV-28 Danava 7.62x54mm: Light machine gun. Top-fed by 60-round pans. Circa 2028.

M1998 7.62x38mm Revolver: Main Ayvartan sidearm. 5-round cylinder. Circa 1998.

Faru-Kombora (FK-28): Anti-Tank grenade. Can only penetrate weak armor. Circa 2028.

Pote-Pote (NK-28): Frag grenade. Nicknamed after an Ayvartan onomatopoeia. Circa 2028.

RK-20 Khroda 7.62x54mm: Heavy machine gun. Mounted on a heavy wheeled carriage with limited traverse. Barrel is water cooled, and rounds are belt-fed. Circa 2000. Comes with a light ballistic shield that can withstand battle rifle and submachine gun fire but very little else. Four Khroda can be mounted on a special pillar carriage and linked together as an air defense gun, but it has fairly poor effect on anything other than low flying light planes.

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