Ayvartan Vehicles

Light/Infantry Vehicles

MAW Gbahali Car: A small, open-topped car used for reconnaissance and liaison duties. It is a very common car for the military, and though it has a mount for a khroda machine gun, most of the cars are just used for the day to day driving of military staff and officers. Originally designed by the MAW (Motakaa A Watu or People’s Automobiles, but referred to as just Motakaa or MAW) union in Solstice, but overall production is handled by many different auto workers unions across the SDS as agreed-upon work for the government.

MAW Adze “Vampire” Car: A heavy, fully enclosed four-wheel scout car from Motakaa, it has a machine gun on a rotating mount atop the back of the vehicle, but is more notable for the powerful radio equipment that fills it. Exclusively built by Motakaa for the KVW’s Disruption Operations groups, it can intercept radio broadcasts in the local combat area and pass the information to command. This helps the KVW carry out prescient attacks on enemies.

MAW Sharabha Half-Track: Infantry-carrying Half-Track truck with a long bed and a small step platform on which a light machine gunner can stand and shoot over the front of the truck. Though the bed has low walls that are mostly unarmored, most Sharabha have affixed wooden support beams for a tarp, and most trucks drive with the tarp shielding infantry from sun and rain. It holds up to 25 soldiers in the bed, along with a driver and passenger in front, and a gunner on the step platform — two half-tracks are meant to be able to deploy a rifle platoon together. The Sharabha is uncommon in the territorial army, usually deployed in a single motorized division of each territorial army as a “rapid response force,” but is commonly deployed in the KVW’s fully motorized and mechanized divisions.

MAW Rompo Truck: A standard unarmored cargo truck for the Ayvartan forces. Used to carry troops (it can carry 25-30 troops), fuel, food, and whatever is needed. Many variants exist, including a water truck that keeps workers hydrated in hot conditions and can dispense water to fight fires or to help open-pit miners, a performance truck with a miniature stage in the bed for entertainment tours, and a canteen truck with cooking equipment for food service.

Armored Fighting Vehicles

Goblin: Light tank, circa 2016. Ahead of its time when it was designed, it practically changed how the world saw tanks. Fast, simple, and armed with a 45mm high velocity gun or a 37mm high velocity gun. At the beginning of the Solstice War it was already hopelessly obsolete, however. Due to its light armor, anti-tank rifles and any kind of artillery, even firing non-penetrating rounds, can damage and destroy it. Known for its drum-shaped turret. The Goblin is the main tank of the Ayvartan forces, sadly, with over 12,000 examples.

Gnoll: Light, fast tank, circa 2024. More armored than the Goblin, and yet more maneuverable and faster, with a stronger engine and a better design. However, due to its complexity it is nowhere near as prolific as the Goblin in the Ayvartan armored forces, and it is still obsolete due to its light hull and 45mm armament. Some models have a 76mm howitzer in place of the 45mm gun. These are even rarer. In all, production totaled at around 1000 examples.

Orc: Medium tank, circa 2024. Stronger armor than the Goblin and Gnoll, but not heavy enough to withstand newer anti-tank guns at engagement ranges. Armed with a 45mm gun or a 76mm howitzer, and sometimes with a flamethrower, or a very rare 50mm trial gun that was not mass produced. It is crippled by sharing an engine with the Goblin. It is rather slow due to its overburdened engine, and prone to mechanical issues. Around 2000 examples or so exist.

Hobgoblin: Powerful new Ayvartan tank, circa 2030. Largely designed and produced by surreptitious contracts between KVW and mechanical unions. Armed with a revolutionary 76mm high-velocity tank gun, and possessing sloped armor stronger than that of the Orc, and a brand new engine. Fast, powerful, but sadly, very limited stock compared to the thousands of goblins.

Ogre: Ayvartan heavy tank, circa 2029. Largely designed and produced by secret handshakes between the KVW and certain unions. Same armament as the Hobgoblin, but much thicker armor. While slower than the Hobgoblin, it is believed to be nearly impregnable.

Combat Aircraft

AN-20 Anka: A ten-year-old biplane design that serves as the Ayvartan’s main combat aircraft. It is fast, and has good maneuverability, and a tighter turn radius than many monoplane designs, however it is still a biplane, with a lower ceiling, speed, climb and worse armor. Equipped with two 20mm cannons and two machine guns, but can also carry bombs and rockets for interdiction bombing. It can carry 150 kg bombs or 80mm rockets under its wings.

SA-28 Garuda: An all-purpose modern monoplane design circa 2028. As with a lot of new equipment, it was not given serious consideration by the Civil Council due to Demilitarization, and the territorial army has far less of them than it has Anka planes. It is sleek and fast, versatile and reliable, and equipped with better armor and much the same armament as an Anka. Largely made out of wood and a little crude and simple in its shape and design, a distinctly Ayvartan plane, made for Ayvartan mass production, robust, perhaps spartan, but competent.

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