Lubon Artillery

Note: Exclusively in the Kingdom of Lubon, a strange and different system of artillery denomination is used. Instead of marking guns by caliber, instead the projectile weight is what’s used, hence “2-Pounders” have a 2 lb projectile weight. Despite mostly moving on to the metric system, Lubon retains these “Pounder” designations in its armed forces.

Artiglieria Reale 3-inch (81mm) Mortar: Standard infantry mortar for the Lubonin forces. Can fire a wide variety of shells but is crippled by its short range compared to comparative weapons — 1.5-2 km versus the 2.5-4 km range of most other mortars, or worse, the 6 km range of the Ayvartan 120mm mortar. It is however more easily portable.

Artiglieria Reale FR 2-Pounder Gun (40mm): Standard Lubonin anti-tank gun. The “FR” stands for “Fuoco Rapido” which is not to be confused with automatic fire. Instead, the 2-Pdr (and all the other Lubonin FR guns) has recoil buffers and breech designed for quick shell loading and discarding. Having light shells also helps. However, the 2-Pdr is tall, heavy, and has limited effect against modern medium tanks. In additon, it has no high-explosive round, which is a liability in gun duels between AT teams, and limits versatility.

Artiglieria Reale FR 18-Pounder Gun (83mm): Standard Lubonin artillery gun. It is on its way out of service, being over 30 years old, but until production of the FR 25-Pounder Gun (87mm) speeds up, Lubonin artillery crews are stuck with it. It has a poor range (8-10 km) and limited power compared to the standard guns of the Ayvartans and Svecthans.

Artiglieria Reale FR 17-Pounder Gun (76mm): Heavy Lubonin Anti-Aircraft gun, though it can potentially be employed as an anti-tank gun when a Division is fed up with the weakness of the 2-Pounder. Roughly comparable to the Ayvartan 85mm gun. It has a ceiling of 8000 meters skyward, but the effective range is considered half that. It can fire special 15-Pound projectiles that have a better climb. This gun is on its way out as the fully automatic 2-Pounder Forbos (40mm) is set to replace it — the Forbos shoots more and higher.

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