Lubon Vehicles

Light Vehicles

Gemini: An all-purpose four-wheeled armored car used by the Royal Army, Knights, and Blackshirt Legion. It can mount two 6.5mm machine guns or a 20mm anti-tank rifle, and seats 2. It roars through roads at speeds of 90 km/h, and has a super-fast 75 km/h off-road speed, and its 30mm armor is respectable for its vehicle class. It is used for reconnaissance, colonial patrol, and sometimes even liaison duties. One of the highest quality vehicles in the Royal Army and a hated sight for the rebels and terrorists in the Borelian colony.

Armored Fighting Vehicles

Aries Skirmish: A small tank with a flat, round turret, equipped only with machine guns, the “Aries” was a fast attack light tank meant to do battle against mobile forces. In that role, it is downright and dangerously awful, since mobile forces these days are supported by tanks and light vehicles armed with stronger guns than the pair of linked 6.5mm machine guns on the Aries. Thoroughly obsolete, but in use because it exists in good numbers.

Saggitarius Siege: First of the Lubonin “Siege” tanks. It was intended to move at the speed of infantry and support them in close assaults against fixed positions, as such it is terribly slow but well armored. Its good armor is the reason it still survives and is in use with the Royal Army; however its armament, a 20mm anti-tank rifle, leaves much to be desired. It can be told apart from other tanks by its small, round one-man turret that looks like the top of a garbage can, with a protruding, stubby cylinder of armor around the thin 20mm barrel.

Orion Assault: A new kind of tank intended to replace the Aries’ “Skirmish” fast attack role. The Orion is a lighter, faster but still decidedly medium class tank with good armor coverage, relatively brisk speed and armed with a 2-pdr gun for anti-tank attacks and two 6.5mm machine guns. It can be identified by its distinctively flat, hexagon-shaped turret with sharp sides. Its gun is lacking in power and range compared to the 45mm and 50mm guns on comparative Ayvartan and Nochtish tanks, but it is faster than them. It is completely outclassed by the Ayvartan Hobgoblin tank, but luckily it is unlikely to meet it in battle…

Scorpio Siege: A medium tank armed with a 2-Pdr gun and intended to support infantry, replacing the Saggitarius in the Siege role, though a lot of Saggitari remain in service. It is armed with a 6.5mm machine gun for anti-personnel use and a 2-pdr gun for use against tanks. It has a distinctly square turret with a bulging round gun mantlet and a large protruding cupola, with a very rectangular body sloped in the front and back. While very well-armored for a medium tank, it is painfully slow, and because it is using the 2-Pdr gun, it has no high explosive option for use against infantry. A few newers models have a prototype 3-Pdr gun that can fire HE, but they are only trial models at the moment.



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