Nocht Artillery


Granatwerfer 82mm: Standard Nochtish mortar. Nocht does not have light or heavy mortars but an all-purpose one. It is lighter than the Ayvartan counterpart, but mostly it is functionally the same, and can only break roofs or other hard cover by repeated poundings.

Panzerabwehrkanone (PAK) 27: 37mm anti-tank gun. Longer barrel than Ayvartan 45mm, but smaller bore, means that the PAK 27 ends up much the same performance-wise. In addition due to Nochtish doctrine the PAK 27 is confined to the regimental level, and must be requested by troops as a support element. This can end up causing unnecessary trouble.

8.8 cm Flakveirling 28 (Flak 88): 88mm heavy anti-aircraft gun. Has an unparalleled range for direct fire against air targets. Good sighting equipment and ease of traverse and elevation make it a very accurate gun, but it is big and heavy.

10.5 cm Leichte Fieldhaubitze M18: Known also as the leFH (leff) gun. 105mm artillery gun and the most common Nochtish artillery weapon. It resides at the Divisional level and as part of Nocht’s doctrine of surgically, scientifically applied force, it does not constitute an independent element that moves with troops, but is part of the divisional support and must be requested before it can be deployed. It is grossly outranged by nearly every piece of dedicated Ayvartan artillery, and underpowered in comparison, but it is lighter and its breech mechanism allows for a higher rate of fire of 5-8 rounds per minute than most Ayvartan howitzers.

15 cm Schwerer Fieldhaubitze M20: Known also as the sFH (seff) gun. 150mm artillery gun, residing at the Corps artillery level. An order to request a Corps battery can only come from a Captain or above. It has a much better range than the leFH due to its longer barrel, but this also renders it a heavier piece. It is still however outclassed by the 20 km range of the Ayvartan 122mm and 152mm guns. It delivers comparable firepower to both guns, but has a limit of 13 to 15 km, a sizable disadvantage.

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