Nocht Infantry

Troops Designations

Note: The following foreign-language terms are used interchangeably with English terms like “infantry,” and “shock troops,” in the story. They’re mostly for flavor so each nation has its own unique words for soldiers. In terms of prose, they are not used exclusively.

Landser: A colloquial term for a soldier. Ordinary troops use it to refer to themselves.

Grenadier: Common rifle troops. Formal name among armed forces staff and in documents.

Jager: Recon, mountain and special urban assault troops. Formal and self-used name.

Gebirgsjager: Specific “Jager” troops trained in mountain and rough terrain warfare.

Fallschirmjager: Parachute/Air Landing troops under the command of the air force.

Panzergrenadier: Elite, decorated troops who are gathered into mechanized divisions.

Infantry Weapons

Karabiner 1988 7.92x57mm: Bolt-action main battle rifle. Lighter than the SDS counterpart.

Zwitscherer 25 7.63x25mm: Automatic pistol used as the main sidearm by Nocht. 10 round magazine. Can switch between single shot and fully automatic firing modes.

Quengler MG22 7.92x57mm: Light machine gun. Lighter than the SDS counterpart. Largely supplanted by the better and newer Norgler but still assigned to second line, police and rough terrain recon troops, because it is quieter when firing, and simpler to repair.

Panzerbuchse 28 7.92x94mm: Nochtish anti-tank and sniper rifle. Unlike the BKV it is not semi-automatic. Instead, when a round fires, the recoil ejects the cartridge and resets the breech open for the gunner to insert a new round quickly. More complicated than a standard bolt action and slower than the Ayvartan semi-auto BKV. However the smaller round and lighter construction make the Panzerbuchse more portable for snipers, but it is generally less powerful than the heavy BKV — especially against tanks.

Schiessbecher 98: An old rifle-affixed grenade launcher for 30mm grenades. Rare in 2030.

Norgler MG29 7.92x57mm: Multi-purpose machine gun. Unlike the Ayvartan Khroda, the Norgler is light enough to be carried and hip-fired, but can be established as a stable suppression platform by means of a simple frame carriage. The downside is that the Norgler has no ballistic shield, so its operators are exposed by default. Has a higher rate of fire than the Khroda and Danava, but is incredibly louder and more mechanically complicated.

Stielhandgranate: A stick hand grenade. It is not a fragmentation grenade, but high explosive.

Panzerwurfmine: Anti-tank grenade. Very bizarre and difficult to use, and given only to specially-trained troops. It has four canvas fins that open up when it is properly thrown, and aid in stabilizing flight to produce better penetration from the shaped-charge warhead. Troops are trained to throw this over a tank to hit its top armor at close range. Often unwieldy in combat.

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