Nocht Vehicles

Light/Infantry Vehicles

Sd.Kfz B, “Squire” Half-Track: An infantry carrier half-track boasting a Norgler machine gun on the front and back, as well as an armored bed with high walls that protect the passengers from small arms fire, and has built-in hooks for a tarp to cover them from rain if needed. It can carry 10 troops and 2 gunners, along with the driver and passenger in front — one Squire is meant to carry a Grenadier or Panzergrenadier squad. Squires are uncommon among the rifle divisions, but found among the fully mechanized Panzergrenadier divisions.

Armored Fighting Vehicles

M1 Warrior: Very old machine-gun equipped light tank. Many examples still exist in the army but are grossly obsolete, and are relegated to policing duties both at home and abroad.

M2/M5 Ranger: Constitutes a large part of the Nochtish tank forces. The M2 and the M5 (its modernized version) are light tanks with a 37mm high velocity gun. They are constructed from molded steel parts that are fitted together using special machining tools with minimal welding or bolting for a higher quality but more complicated and expensive construction. These same construction methods apply to the M4 as well. Though it is fast and maneuverable, it is still a light tank, and thus vulnerable and largely obsolete — but better than the Goblin.

M3 Hunter: Nochtish “assault gun.” An interesting tank that does not have machine guns nor a turret. Instead, there is a hull-mounted 75mm short-barreled gun set into a recessed gun mantlet on the right side of the tank. It has very limited traverse, but decent elevation. It has a thick and strong front armor, but this is achieved by stacking riveted plates, an older armoring technique that leaves the tank vulnerable to spalling, and the sides, rear and top are very vulnerable. While a powerful infantry support vehicle, Oberkommando has discovered that there are too many situations in urban combat where its gun position can be exploited.

M4 Sentinel: Next-generation Nochtish medium tank with a 50mm high-velocity gun intended for tank hunting, and a traditional tank turret design. Has a curvy and rounded form factor to its hull and turret that are very noticeable.. Has tightly spaced tracks that give it a lighter form factor and better performance on roads — but not soft terrains. It is fast and reliable and performs well against tanks, but its limited bore size lacks in high explosive shell performance. This specialization may turn out to be a problem given that this tank is being overproduced as a “replacement” for the “deficient” M3 Hunter, when it reality it works best as a compliment to it.

Combat Aircraft

H-27 AL-09 Archer: One of the newest aircraft designs by Arbeitgruppe Luftfahrt, it uses an expensive and complicated aluminium monocoque construction to produce a lightweight and strong monoplane fighter aircraft with good armor performance, speed, and maneuverability. It has gulled wings, with the rib along the bottom of the craft, in a very shallow “v” shape. Armed with machine guns in the fuselage, or sometimes a single 37mm quick-firing aircraft cannon, and either two 80mm rockets or up to 250 kg of bombs.


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