Site Policies

Schedule Policy

The Solstice War updates three times a month, usually fortnightly, with one Extra Chapter and two Main Chapters. Main Chapters are usually posted at the middle and end of the month. Extra Chapters are usually posted around the beginning of the month. Check the twitter and tumblr  frequently for announcements on when exactly chapters will be posted.

Comment Policy

You are free to make any kind of comment that you want on any page of this website that has a comment page, with the following caveat. The Solstice War’s comment threads are intended to be a safe environment for its readers to discuss the story (or things relating to it). Uncivil or bigoted comments, and personal attacks on other readers will not be tolerated. I will be the judge of whether a comment is worthy of some kind of censure, and there are no rules but “I know it when I see it.” Be frank and critical, but also accepting and courteous.

Living Document Policy

I consider The Solstice War a living document. It is constantly expanded, mostly with new chapters and extra content. However, as a living document, it can also be edited, hopefully for the better. Early chapters of The Solstice War may be subject to edits for format and content to bring them better into line with later chapters, or as deemed necessary otherwise. Such changes are unlikely to affect the story as a whole; if any edits are particularly earth-shattering, they will be announced on Tumblr and Twitter.

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