Under Construction

Hay! It’s Madiha, from that one podcast, those stories you were looking for, and all of that. If you know who I am you are probably terribly disappointed to see this page.

For the five years or more I had been working on an original military fiction, The Solstice War, which I regret to inform is basically on hiatus. You can use the menus to find the story, it’s not going anywhere. I will update it when the mood strikes me.

In the meantime, I’m working on making this page a home for any kind of original fiction I want to do, be it short stories, novellas, novelettes, or new serials. It’s been tough for me to get back into writing and I want to let my creativity flow again, in whatever direction it wants to. If that means starting more things and not finishing them, then ok. If that means doing photoshops or videos or whatever, then ok.

I want this place to be an old school home page for everything I do.

So someday, when I’ve mucked about with the CSS, and done other things, this will be a real deal website, and the URL will be Literalchemy.com but I’ll squat on the others anyway and have them redirect here. It doesn’t cost me that much money anyway.