World Terminology

Aer: Setting of the Solstice War. A round blue planet, covered mostly by water. It is not the Earth, though it is roughly analogous to it in all but the layout of its land masses. There are some forces and creatures on Aer that do not exist on Earth.


Languages: Non-English words sometimes appear in the Solstice War as a nod to the cultures that inspired each faction. Ayvartan words are Hindi or Swahili words; Nochtish words are German; Lubonin words are Italian; Hanwan words are Japanese; Cissean words are Spanish; Kitan words are Chinese. Overwhelmingly the story is in English.

Months: The World of Aer, in general, uses a 6-month calendar each with 60 to 64 days, instead of having a 12 month calendar with 28-31 days like Earth does. A year starts with the Postill’s Dew (February, March), then the Lilac’s Bloom (April, May), followed by the Yarrow’s Sun (June, July), on to the Dahlia’s Fall (August, September), then the Aster’s Gloom (October, November), and finally ends with Hazel’s Frost (December, January).



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