Greetings comrades! You can call me Madiha, or “The Premier.”

About Unjust Depths:

My current project, Unjust Depths, is inspired by space opera and mecha/space anime and manga and my interest in history, particularly military history, as well science fiction more broadly (with elements of pulp science horror/”lovecraftian” horror) and aesthetically by anime mobile games, many of which I play and am a big fan of. Elements of it are also inspired by mysticism, the occult, liminal spaces, and conspiracy theories, among other things that interest me aesthetically.

Unjust Depths no longer updates on a schedule due to my recurring health problems. I am hoping to update whenever I can, but the pace is likely to be different now.

About Madiha S.:

I have a great interest in leftist politics, revolutionary violence and wars, leftist activism and in the societal nuances of sexuality, gender variance and race and ethnicity. I write stories about characters who are having enormous feelings and encountering massive things (events, people, ideologies, tragedies, or literally massive objects). I enjoy writing characters who grapple with existing alongside others after grand, transformative events that feel surreal to them in the moment, and how the self reorganizes or reaffirms after such events.

I am a Marxist and all of my stories are written from this lens. My stories are about people and ideology, however, not about perfect archetypes and societies. People in my stories are allowed to be flawed and to have a sense of humanity, in both triumph and folly, be they communists or not. If you are expecting otherwise, my writing is not for you. I don’t believe in utopias, and I don’t write any.

I have written exactly one fanfiction, it can be found here. It is for Honkai Impact 3rd, my favorite mobile game. Much like Unjust Depths it is 18+ for sexual content.

I have been dealing with recurring health problems that have impeded my work on the story, but I love Unjust Depths and will continue writing it for as long as I am able.

Fanworks Policy:

It is perfectly fine to make fanarts, fanfictions, fangames and other creations explicitly inspired by Unjust Depths, as long as you adhere to the following:

  1. Link back to Unjust Depths to tell people where to find the original story.
  2. Fan works must be free. Do not sell or profit from your fan works.

There is one exception which is that I don’t mind if anyone does paid commissioned art of the characters as long as the resulting art is bought only for personal, non-commercial purposes. If you are unsure about an element of this policy, you can email Madiha at madiha@unjustdepths.com to clarify.

I do not charge money for Unjust Depths, and I would hope fans of the work will uphold my commitment to creating free communist-leaning art for the world. As a communist and a person who has experienced precarity and legal threats in my life I do not particularly believe in employing legal violence on anyone and I don’t want anyone’s money. All I do want is to have my authorship respected.


Author credit: Madiha S.

Logo credit: @ganbariley

Special Thanks:

@greatgrebe assistant editor, beta reader

@jazzcatte sensitivity reading, beta reading, wrote the imperial anthem

@kaydegard sensitivity reading, beta reading, cultural consultation

@Plumm beta reading