Hello! I’m Madiha. I’m a mixed-race writer, a lesbian and a transgender woman.

I draw inspiration from and take an interest in all sorts of culture: fiction, anime and manga, video games, wargaming and milsim, blogging, social media, music. I am interested in historical leftist politics, revolutionary violence and wars, leftist activism and in the societal nuances of alternative sexuality, gender variance and race and ethnicity. Lately I have taken an interest in religions and mysticism.

I like to write stories with a focus on internal life within external conflict.

You can email me at madihanakar@gmail.com with any inquiries.

You can follow me on twitter @Literalchemy but my personal account is my unrestrained Id and I won’t make any excuses for what you’ll see there if you decide to follow it. It is not safe for work, and like Unjust Depths, it is not for minors. Unjust Depths has its own twitter, @UnjustDepths.

I have written exactly one fanfiction, it can be found here.

You can join the Unjust Depths fan discord by clicking here. This link grants temporary membership, so don’t disconnect after you click it. Post an introduction in the welcome channel to receive a role. Then read the rules. If you don’t read the rules or you don’t follow them, we will ban you, so play nice.

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