Unjust Depths

A compilation epub of all Unjust Depths chapters and stories written up to certain points in time. It is only a copy of the site text, uncaught typos and all, and is not a finished book. A “book” is a frequent request, and this is the best I can do right now.

It will be kept up to date as time allows, but not exactly day and date with the web.

Currently, the epub includes all content up to: 12/21/2022

Latest chapters as of this date are: 11.6 and S1.6.

As a reminder, Unjust Depths is for 18+ readers due to sexual content.

The Solstice War

The Solstice War was my first web novel. I learned many lessons from it which I am applying to Unjust Depths. It is unfinished, but you can read all the stories chapters in the epubs included below. This version of the Solstice War will never be finished, but might still be enjoyable for fans of my work to see the differences and throughlines.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I open “zip” files (particularly on mobile)?

Every computer with a modern OS opens zip files automagically, but for mobile devices, you CAN do it, but have to make an extra step. Modern iOS and Android have “Files” apps (“Files” in iOS and “Google Files” in Android) that have decompression of zip files as an option. I’ve included links to official documentation for this below:

How do I view “epub” files (particularly on PC)?

Every modern phone has an easy time with epub format books. On iOS, unzipping the archive and touching the epubs will add them to “Books” for reading, and on Android, they will be added to “Google Play Books.” On a PC, you will need to install a dedicated Epub reader. Calibre is ubiquitous and free, and I like Ice Cream Reader too. Or you can just read the web version, like I assume most PC users do.

Why did you link a zip file instead of the epubs themselves?

It saves me over 100 kilobytes and teaches you to interact with your device filesystem. Also, some of these zips have multiple files in them.