Hello! I’m Madiha. I’m a mixed-race writer, a lesbian and a transgender woman.

My current project, Unjust Depths, is inspired mainly by space opera and mecha/space anime and manga, as well science fiction more broadly (with elements of pulp science horror/”lovecraftian” horror) and aesthetically by anime mobile games, many of which I play and am a big fan of. Elements of it are also inspired by mysticism, the occult and conspiracy theories, among other things.

I have a great interest in historical leftist politics, revolutionary violence and wars, leftist activism and in the societal nuances of sexuality, gender variance and race and ethnicity. I write stories about characters who are having enormous feelings and encountering massive things (events, people, ideologies, tragedies, or literally massive objects). I enjoy writing characters who are having to grapple with existing alongside others after grand, transformative events that feel surreal.

I am a Marxist and all of my stories are written from this lens. My stories are about people and ideology, however, not about perfect archetypes and societies. People in my stories are allowed to be flawed and to have a sense of humanity, in both triumph and folly, be they communists or not. If you are expecting otherwise, my writing is not for you. I don’t believe in utopias, and I don’t write any.

You can email me at madihanakar@gmail.com with any inquiries.

You can follow me on twitter @Literalchemy but my personal account is my unrestrained Id and I won’t make any excuses for what you’ll see there if you decide to follow it. It is not safe for work, and like Unjust Depths, it is not for minors. Unjust Depths has its own twitter, @UnjustDepths.

I have written exactly one fanfiction, it can be found here.

You can join the Unjust Depths fan discord by clicking here. Please only join if you are a fan of the story and planning to follow it, as it’s not a “general purpose” community. The link grants temporary membership, so don’t disconnect after you click it. Post an introduction in the welcome channel to receive a role. Then read the rules. If you don’t bother to follow the rules you’ll be banned.

Unjust Depths is also on topwebfiction. If you enjoyed the story, vote for it here.

I am financially stable, but I have a patreon that basically acts as a tip jar. Don’t feel like you have to. There’s no rewards. All of my writing is on this website and free, and it will always be that way.