Star Shower, A Twine Story

I just finished up a Twine story, Star Shower. It’s a story about an incoherent, alien influence on a young psychic girl; it’s also supposed to be the introduction of a traditional serial fiction. I took all of chapter 1 of a story I was writing (the drafts of which used to be on this blog) and converted it into this twine story. I did this mostly because I already had all of the prose text, so I could just focus on making it “Twine”-y. Unfortunately for me, the text did not lend itself extremely well to my ideas and I had to do a lot of rewriting.

I also did some things in a really roundabout way, which you’ll notice if you’re familiar with Twine and look at the mess of code in the passages – rather than make new passages I nested a lot of triggers into the same three or four passages and had Players bounce around them, changing things each time.

While it felt impressive to do, the reader doesn’t really get any different effect out of it, I feel, than if I just made new Passages for each “state change” I wanted to introduce, and have the players navigate through them via direct links. I guess doing so loses some of the “nonlinearity” of it, but there wasn’t a ton of that there.

It is a pretty decent game I think, with 9683 words, most of which are content.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun writing it. If you find any dead ends or weirdness (that did not seem intentional) tell me so I can fix it. I spent a long time searching for dead ends, but might have missed some. By the way, there is only one possible ending.

Finally, for people who just like my weird Amera stuff, there’s a lot of info there on Amera that is not in any other source on this blog, so if you’re following the setting it may interest you.

Interest In Twine Stories

I’ve been tinkering with Twine for the past several hours, reading wikis, writing some stuff, and so forth. I’m quite delighted by it and you might be seeing some stories that I was previously going to release just by posting text on this blog, become Twine stories instead. I’ve been working on taking a Draft I had stored in this blog for a while, that I wasn’t doing anything with, and maybe releasing it as an episodic Twine story, both for your entertainment and so I can practice with Twine. I’m looking for the best way to host those stories so I can easily link them to you and you can just play them without having to download the HTML file and run it yourself. Hopefully I can make this work out!

What I’m currently working on…


I’m not looking to make traditional CYOAs, though I have a few ideas for some of those as well. Rather, I’m thinking more along the lines of a digital novel – with in-text supplementary information and exposition deposited in optional linked files, asymmetrical scene flow where rather than reading pages of fixed events the reader can pick on interesting parts of the text and be led via hyperlinks to new scenes sprung off from them, and so on. There are some interactive elements – for example in the above the reader can go to Maria’s room or to the Kitchen, reading the story at their own pace, though I would hope they ultimately consume all or the text, they don’t necessarily have to.

It’s not a traditional CYOA, as I don’t think I will be writing “dead ends” and I don’t think I will be writing second person (You) kind of stuff that are more traditional “games” – but rather I’m interested in writing digital stories with this framework that package the content differently. So not really games, just weird stories. Though as I go along I’d like to include a few of the more gamey elements available. Maybe my idea for a “digital novel” might not be of as much interest, what with the limited interactivity, as other things people have done with the framework, but it’s simply my current curiosity. I will still work on the traditional stories on this blog, of course. But this may become a fascinating supplement to my traditional writing, and I think it will give readers a totally different and interesting experience.