The Solstice War


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Confront the war within, to survive the war without.

History would never forget the 18th of the Aster’s Gloom of the year 2030.

Twenty-three years after the fall of the Ayvartan Empire and the rise of the Socialist Dominances of Solstice, the great southern continent once more found itself at war. From far overseas, the Nocht Federation, the Kingdom of Lubon and the Empire of Hanwa declared war on the burgeoning Ayvartan nation, hoping to stifle its revolutionary ideals and restore what they see as its legitimate government. They prepared to do whatever it took to tear down the red flag flying over the ancient fortress city of Solstice.

To secure the gains of their revolution, the Ayvartans struggle to reorganize themselves for a total war that will drag the entire world into its bloodshed and madness. Unprepared, and overwhelmed, the communists must deal with the war within their own nation and their own hearts and minds, if they are to survive the war for the course of history itself.

“The Solstice War” and other writing and art copyright © 2013-2022 Madiha N. Santana. All Rights Reserved.
Any resemblance to real persons or events is historical homage or purely coincidental.

3 thoughts on “The Solstice War

  1. Excellent. Although I feel like there is a little to much romance you know it draws out and makes the story a little plain and cliches!

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