Wounded Tyrants

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After a half-remembered childhood of poverty and struggle, Minerva Orizaga, through guile and luck and a little outside help, achieves her dream of teaching at the prestigious Otrarian National Academy for the Esoteric Arts. As one of the Alwi people’s few official Otrarian magicians, Minerva has much to be proud for and much more to hide.

But Otraria is a nation on the crossroads of change, and Minerva is both a survivor of the past it desires to forget and a believer in a future it is actively avoiding. Dealing with forces material and metaphysical, with fascism and prejudice, with temptation and damnation, Minerva struggles to fend off Otraria’s myriad Tyrants as they awaken.

Wounded Tyrants is a series of modern academic fantasy stories by Madiha Santana.

You can read a sample with a semi-canon sort-of-Origin Story here.

Episode 1: The Lord of the Wildfire

1.1: Busy Child

1.2: Performance Reviews

1.3: Domestic Dragon

1.4: Restless Girl

1.5: Pretenders

1.6: The Trough Of Kindling

1.7: The Lord of the Wildfire

1.8: The Fire That Consumed Canaan

Episode 2: The Lord Of The Tempest

2.1: Mischevious Student

2.2: Associations

2.3: Iron Heart