I Shut Down Unjust Depths’ Patreon

Greetings comrades. I rarely use the blog for personal posting because of the way it’s set up, it’s supposed to be a static page that links to new chapters and such, I don’t like to set my webnovels up as normal blogs anymore for obssesive aesthetic reasons. But I wanted to deliver this news somehow.

This morning I unlaunched the Unjust Depths patreon. Nobody will be charged for it anymore. If you made an account just to support me, there is an onerous process you can perform to have Patreon delete all your personal data. I still want to use my account to support other creators so I haven’t done that, but I will not be collecting any money from there anymore. You can still download the only incentive there ever was, which was The Solstice War’s epub files, from the Solstice War page on this site, but now it’s a direct link to download from wordpress. I don’t know why I didn’t just do that in the first place to be honest.

My reasons for taking down the page are various. The way that Patreon money is characterized bothered me. I did not want people to believe they were getting anything special for being Patrons. But also very important is that Patreon is simply not a good platform for my needs. For the past few years, it’s been an overgrown tip jar; and lately it’s been an overgrown tip jar that sought more and more of my personal information to process payments. I’ve been meaning to shut it down for good for a long time now.

I was informed I’d have to send them a photo ID in order to continue having my page up because I listed it as adult content, since I don’t want Unjust Depths to be read by minors. Not only for the sex scenes but just because, I don’t write for or really want to interact with minors online. When I think of my target audience I think of adult genre fiction readers with developed ideological and philosophical interests, not children. I want to write for adults and I want to interact with adult readers. But even such an activity is difficult now on the internet with the moral crusading of payment processors and payment platforms.

Patreon are doing all of this due to odious American anti-porn regulations, which apply to any adult content and are exceedingly punitive if they fall on your head no matter what you’re doing. Rather than comply and go through their tedious requirements I decided to take down the page. Ultimately I do not need Patreon. What I needed was the support of my fans and friends, when I was in a dark place, and I received that support. Many of my patrons are long-time friends and fans who don’t hold any of this against me. If you are mad about the Patreon, and desperate to give me money. Here you go:


You can click that button to go my kofi page and donate money. I would vastly prefer that people give me a small tip every once in a while that the monthly sub or worse, per-content style of payment on Patreon. In addition, nobody on kofi is “paying me for adult content” but are “donating money to Madiha” which suits me far better. That button is linked in the bottom widget as well, and my kofi will be linked in my About page as well when I get around to doing it. But I stress that it’s absolutely not necessary to do so. You should only donate, if you think Unjust Depths is really valuable to you, and you would like to compensate my time and effort. If you have money to spare, I’d be greatly flattered.